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We tried to cover just about everything you need to know.


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Can I order off of this website?

No we do not support website ordering, however we do provide phone call orders and delivery! We encourage and welcome all customers to visit our store so we can provide our best customer service to them, though we understand it's not always possible to visit.


What are the size ranges you carry? 


For men's we carry sizes 6-16, this includes wide widths and even extra wide widths. Our women's has sizes 4-12, which also includes narrows, wide, and extra wide widths.


Where is Closeout Shoes located?

Our store is located on 1001 Langs Dr Cambridge Ontario. It can be found directly on the corner of Langs and Hespler behind Scotia Bank. You can also use the map feature located at the bottom of our website for further assistance!


I received a call from your store and was wondering why?

Recently we have been subjected to Caller ID spoofing, which essentially means someone is impersonating our stores number by making their Caller ID the same. If you do receive a call from what appears to be our store, and you were not expecting one, please be careful giving out personal and financial information.


Can I return product or receive a refund?


We do not offer returns or refunds, however under certain circumstances we may offer a possible exchange or store credit.


Are the colors shown the only ones available?

Fortunately no, we only show several color variations for each product due to our ever changing supply. If you are looking for a specific color of a particular shoe then all you have to do is give us a call! One of our talented sales representatives will be able to check for you immediately.

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